About Us


I'll never forget the day the idea for Kinetic Cards® came to me. My wife and I had a brand new baby girl at home, and we were all laying on the floor watching a mobile spin around on the ceiling above us. I wanted to capture that beautiful moment, I just didn't know how. Then I looked over at a "Congratulations" card someone had sent us. I wondered, "Has anyone ever stuck a mobile inside a greeting card"? An image of the first kinetic-card flashed across my mind. What did I do next? I Googled it, of course! Well, nothing came up, so I knew I had to bring it to life. Less than a year later, I had created several designs, written a patent, registered for a trademark and incorporated the business. 


Our mission is humble... we want to change the world, one kinetic card at a time! Kinetic Cards® is about sharing priceless moments with the people you love and capturing them forever. At Kinetic Cards®, we love art and we're passionate about sharing our ideas and designs. We want giving and receiving Kinetic Cards® to be an unforgettable experience. 


Our core value is love: love for each other, love for the creative life, and love for the Mother Earth. We strive to be original, authentic and aware of the impact our lives can have when we live a heart-centered existence. We are a small New England-based company, and we only use sustainable materials for our products.